Gum Leaf Skeletonizer

Uraba lugens, the caterpillar that wears a stack of it's own discarded heads. Because apparently nature just HAS to outdo us monster creators...

Elephant Seals

I does adorable sometimes.

Is there are proper term for the Beachmaster's consorts? I think I'm going to call them "beachbabes"...

Sarcastic Fringehead

A delightfully bizarre fish with a delightfully bizarre name.

King Vulture

Vultures are one of my favorite animals because of how miserable and grody they look, but I can't help but love how one of them decided it needed to be fabulous!

Ribbon Worm

In some species of ribbon worm, the egg develops into something called a pilidium, a larval form that looks something like a UFO or a deerstalker hat. This microscopic oddity swims about eating algae (it's mouth located between the "flaps" on the bottom), all the while a juvenile ribbon worm grows within its gut. When the worm proper grows large enough, it bursts free and devours its not-quite-mother-but-not-quite-egg, proving once again that Nature is brilliant but completely nuts.