K.A. Applegate's Animorphs series was one of my favorite works of fiction as a kid (and still is even now), partly because of the suprisingly mature outlook on war, partly because of all the horror, partly because of the cool flip-book images, but mostly because of the sheer imagination behind the various aliens that appeared throughout. I've always been especially fond of the villanous Visser Three's monstrous "morphs", and due to the lack of any official depictions, I've always had a lot of fun coming up with my own interpretations of them.

Lebtin Javelin Fish

<Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moo>

The Lebtin Javelin Fish is a swift aquatic creature with the ability to fire spears the size of a broom handle. The javelin fish needs to inflate itself with water to do so, and if it is pierced by anything (say, crocodile jaws) the javelin fish 'pops' and goes spiraling out of control like a deflating balloon!

Visser Three mentions that he just acquired this morph, implying that he takes time off from conquering Earth to go off looking for new monsters to become. Hmmm...

BOOK: Animorphs #12 - The Reaction

Poisssonousss Yellow

A 50-foot amphibious snake-like creature with a mouth large enough to swallow a small boat (or at least a young Andalite). Curiously, its blood and saliva appear to be the same yellow-and-green ooze.

Worthy of note is how Visser Three doesn't actually morph into this giant monster specifically to attack/eat anyone, rather he does so in order to reach an underwater facility. Of course he immediately finds the Animorphs there and attacks/eats them, but it's not like he was prepared for that... right?

BOOK: Animorphs #15 - The Escape


To escape oatmeal-induced insanity, Visser Three morphs a massive creature resembling a mix of porcupine and pterosaur, which is evidently armored enough to be Dracon beam-proof! Despite all the bulk, the beast is still capable of flight, albeit it is a slow labored flight.

Also, a Hunter-Killer Robot, because why not? (it was introduced in the same book)

BOOK: Animorphs #17 - The Underground

Kafit Bird

A multi-winged bird (the exact number of wings depends on who you ask...) from the Andalite homeworld, the Kafit is a swift predator that hunts arboreal prey by spearing them with its razor sharp beak. Widely considered the best of the planet's three species of bird, many young cadets morph the kafit for fun (though evidently not during Aximili's day...), and throughout the series we see no less than three Andalites take on this form.

BOOK: Animorphs #18 - The Decision; #38 - The Arrival; The Andalite Chronicles

Dule Fansa

A rather fanciful name, don't you think?

The Dule Fansa is a large beast (just barely able to stand within a typical suburban bedroom) able to launch its spiked arms like an extendo-boxing glove, with enough force to snap a tiger's spine!

BOOK: Animorphs #20 - The Discovery

Tall, Dark, and Gruesome

When a trap involving holograms within holograms within holograms goes awry, Visser Three morphs... a thingy. And before he knows it Ax has his tail blade against his throat (the one part of it that gets described in any detail, incidentally). The Visser wisely changes tactics and simply tries to convince the newest Animorph that the Andalites are all liars and that he's better off with the Yeerks.

I've always fanon'd this morph as a Galilash from the Hork-Bajir Chronicles for admittedly flimsy reasons, i.e. this thing's "pockmarked lizard skin" could be the Gali's "red and green reptilian flesh"; pockmark = scars = red. *shrugs* Hey, the Visser went to the Hork-Bajir homeworld to acquire that Lerdethak, he had the means!

BOOK: Animorphs #21 - The Threat


The Kaftid (not to be confused with the Kafit Bird) is an acid-spewing monster with a pair of wings that are seemingly either vestigial or adapted to an entirely alien environment. Either way, Visser Three makes no attempt to fly while in this morph. He'd have avoided quite a bit of pain if he could...

BOOK: Animorphs #23 - The Pretender


An apparently boneless beast, the B'heeon sprays its prey with water before slurping them up with its three-foot wide tongue. Is it trying to clean its food? Is it simply a distraction? The world may never know.

Notably, the Visser uses this morph against YOU! It's a special choose-your-own-adventure book, and you chose poorly. You were delicious.

Alternamorphs #1 - The First Journey