A fire-breathing monster that terrorized Lycia, the Chimera was the sister of many other infamous beasts, like the Sphinx, Cerberus, and Hydra. She was also the cousin of Pegasus, who ultimately aided Bellerophon in killing the Chimera.


An unnamed* child of Echidna, this Giant fought alongside the Titans against the Gods, though was ultimately killed by Ares. This "masterpiece", as Nonnus put it, would catch birds in his beard for dinner.

*Echidnades ("of Echidna's lineage") is more of a description than an actual name

Crommyon Sow

This monstrous pig was owned by an old hag named Phaea, and was sometimes herself called by that name. The pair wreaked havoc in the land of Crommyon, purportedly one of the entrances to the Underworld, until they were slain by Theseus. Incidentally, Theseus killed several other villains inhabiting other entrances to the Underworld, all while on his way to Athens to claim his birthright.

Calydonian Boar

When the king of Calydon neglected to include Artemis in his annual sacrifice to the gods, she sent a gargantuan boar to ravage the land. The king called upon all of Greece's heroes for help --including the king's own son Meleager, and controversially a huntress named Atalanta-- and after a difficult battle in which several heroes fell, the pig was eventually slain. Its hide was to go to Meleager, as he landed the killing blow, but he offered it to Atalanta, as she struck the first hit (and because he was in love with her). Some of the surviving heroes objected as Atalanta was a woman and soon another battle ensued, in which Meleager killed his own kin. His mother was distraught at the news and burned a cursed brand (wood used in a hearth) that was fated to end Meleager's life when engulfed in flame, and he dropped dead on the spot. In a roundabout way, Artemis still got her revenge as the king lost his son.