Plutonic Plague

A bad mood can be contagious, and this little bastard is making sure everyone else catches his virulence. The cure is as simple as practicing deep breathing for a mere ten seconds, but most victims are all to happy to make others as miserable as they are. Indeed certain inflicted regions of Hell have been raging for millennia, with no plans on stopping.

Ironically, the original vector for all this anger wasn't even a hatemonger in life, rather he got swept up in someone else's furor. What that was even all about has long since been forgotten, and ultimately served as just an excuse to commit unspeakable atrocities.

Tartaruchi Trophies

This depraved soul loves nothing more than to forcibly rearrange others into crude imitations of trophies and mount them on its spines. As impressive as this morbid display may be, the beast itself doesn't particularly care about it and in fact forgets about the trophies once the thrill of the act wears off. What the beast does remember, what it prides itself in, is the number of trophies it has had. Of course, when asked, the beast always rounds the number up or adds an extra zero...

Hadean Hands

These envious arms are in a perpetual dilemma: if they try to take what they want they'll have to sacrifice their own vision, but if they hang onto their eyes they'll be wracked with jealousy over everything they see. Of course, there's no guarantee they can even secure whatever grabbed their attention. If a hand loses an eye it may have to spend the next few eons of its eternal damnation scrambling around to find it (and you just KNOW how eyeballs love to roll). Alternatively the hand could try to blindly steal a new one from whoever's unlucky enough to be around.

Incidentally, that puppet was a spineless yesman in life. When the boss said "See you in hell!", J took it literal.

Gehinnom Guzzler

The guzzler never could satisfy his various hungers in his old life, and very much continues his same habits in the afterlife. Thanks to a mix of bizarro hell physics, having an eternity to "evolve", and unscrupulous surgeons, the guzzler now has a body that *won't* simultaneously burst at the seams and collapse under its own weight.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on where you stand) the guzzler's mouth wasn't affected at all, so he can never come close to filling his multiple guts. Not that he won't still try to devour everything in sight, of course. He just has to, ah, tenderize a bit more...

Stygian Skiff

Just as in former life, he spends his afterlife looking down on others. And even after his head literally grew too big for his body to support he can't get enough of feeling better than everyone else. So he endlessly trudges through the sea of grasping hands, silently mocking them yet always staying on the move lest one of them manages to drag him under.

... but the hands just want to hold something warm.


"Is this my face? ... No. How about this one? ... Hmm, nope. This one? ... Gah...".