Pokémon Variations

Beheeyem -- based on actual reported aliens (well, mostly). Given how Beheeyem is a broad pastiche of the alien conspiracy genre it seems only natural they'd have a world-wide invasion going on.

I suppose realistically the original Beheeyem would be named after Nimbasa City, since these things usually take the name of the closest town when they happen outside of one... assuming the 'Dex entries actually meant Unova's desert and not the game's unseen equivalent of Roswell.

Trubbish -- This had its start as seasonal forms akin to Deerling/Sawsbuck. Fall and Winter came naturally enough, but I couldn't think of anything for Spring or Summer so the idea never got past a few sketchpad doodles. Revisited it without the seasonal theme and it's like I couldn't run out of alternate takes!

(unofficial fan art redesigns, I don't own the characters or names)