Pascagoula Alien

- Pascagoula, Mississippi, USA -- October 11, 1973 -

Two fishermen claimed to have been abducted by bizarre crab-clawed aliens who used an eye-like device to examine them. While security cameras and toll booth workers near the site saw nothing out of the ordinary, the two abductees were thoroughly frightened by something that night.

Flatwoods Monster

- Flatwoods, West Virginia, USA -- September 12, 1952-

A ten-foot metallic creature surrounded in a malodorous miasma that sickened those that saw it. A fireball/crashing UFO was also sighted right before the Monster appeared.

Point Pleasant Mothman

- Point Pleasant, West Virginia, USA -- November 12, 1966 - December 1967 -

First seen by a young couple passing by an abandoned World War II TNT factory late at night, Mothman was spotted several times near Point Pleasant up until the collapse of the Silver Bridge.

All based on actual reported "alien" cases.