Old Saybrook Blockheads

- Old Saybrook, Connecticut, USA -- December 16, 1957 -

Alien beings wearing strange suits seen within a UFO by Mary Starr. Their UFO changed color several times during the encounter, as well as "faded away" it's portholes, preventing Starr from seeing the beings, before zooming off into space in total silence.

Farmersville Green Man

- Farmersville, Texas, USA -- May, 1913 -

While chopping cotton one May morning, Clyde, Sid, and Silbie Latham heard their two dogs barking as if in distress. The three brothers ran to see what was bothering them, and found the dogs had cornered a small man. No taller than 18 inches, the stranger was devoid of clothing save for a small hat similar to a sombrero, which was fused to his rubbery "skin." The green man stood still, either oblivious or scared stiffless of it's surroundings.

Suddenly, the two dogs jumped the creature and tore him to shreads, spilling red blood and organs of "human appearance." The boys, unable to stop the dogs and not likely to be believed by authorities, simply went back to work. The dogs were frightened throughout the rest of the day.

Prospect Monoliths

- Prospect, Kentucky, USA -- January 27, 1977 -

After coming across a blinding red UFO on the road, Lee Parish found himself in the captivity of three bizarre blocky beings, in a room far larger than the UFO. The black and red beings (the latter which seemed to be afraid of the human) probed Parish's head and shoulders with their hand-less 'arms', while the white "leader" made a rhythmic scraping sound.

After doing it's duty, the red being either fused with or moved behind the white one, who likewise either merged with or moved behind the black alien, who then simply disappeared, leaving Parish back on the road.

All based on actual reported "alien" cases.