Rivesville Bloodsucker

- Rivesville, West Virginia, USA -- July 1968 -

Jennings Fredrick was hunting out in the woods when he heard a strange high-pitched voice address him, saying "You need not fear me. I come as a friend. We know of you all. I wish medical assistance. I need your help." Frederick felt something prickly entangle his arm and turned to find a bizarre creature had wrapped it's needle-tipped hand around it. The being punctured Frederick's skin and started to drain blood from him, all the while spinning its eyes, which caused a hypnotic effect upon the man. The entity soon ended the transfusion and bounded away into the woods.

Medford Shmoos

- Medford, Oregon, USA -- Summer of 1953 -

While on their way home one night, a husband, wife, and their daughter saw a trio of hairy but otherwise featureless entities that simply glided away, seemingly unaware of being watched. The third "shmoo" was slightly smaller than the other two, forming an odd parallel to the family.

Dechmont Woods Spheres

- Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland -- November 9, 1979 -

Forestry worker Robert Taylor encountered a large object, about 20 feet in diameter, hovering above the ground, which seemed to be blinking in and out of view (Taylor later would guess it was trying to cloak itself). The object dropped two smaller, spiked spheres onto the ground, which made a "plopping" sound as they rolled along. The two orbs grabbed Taylor by the trousers (presumably with their spines) and tried to drag him to the flying object. Taylor heard a hissing sound and smelled an acrid odor like "burning automobile brake linings," and then passed out.

When Taylor awoke, he had trouble speaking and walking, and had to stagger home as he was unable to operate his truck. He fully recovered, having suffered only minor injuries, but the incident was enough for the police to treat it as a 'common assault.' Investigation found strange tracks in the area of the encounter and that Taylor's trousers were torn in a way that suggested something tried to lift them up, as opposed to getting caught on something while Taylor was crawling around.

All based on actual reported "alien" cases.