Dade City Flowers

- Dade City, Florida, USA -- circa 1924 -

While playing in the schoolyard, a young girl encountered these flower-like robots exiting a strange egg-like object and carrying some sort of weapon or device. These robots looked a bit like cartoon flowers, and, being a curious and impressionable young tyke, the girl freely decided to go up and talk to them. She asked if she could help carry the device, thinking it'd be easy since she was so much larger than them, but found it far too heavy. She then wanted to know what the robots were trying to do, and they (telepathically) said that they were going to "stop the work being done in the science building", even if it meant destroying the building.

Eventually the robots went back to their egg-ship, but not before offering Evelyn the chance to come with them. She declined, and they promised to return for her in 35 years.

At some point the science building was indeed left in shambles, but Evelyn never again saw the flower robots, and kept this tale a secret for some 50 years.

Long Prairie Cans

- Long Prairie, Minnesota, USA -- October 23, 1965 -

While out driving one evening, James Townsend encountered a large, upright rocket in the middle of the road. Wanting evidence, Townsend decided to knock it over with his car. However his car stalled, so ho got out to knock it over by hand.

Upon leaving his car, Townsend sighted three small beings that looked like beer cans. They walked awkwardly on two fins, extending a third whenever they stopped. Despite lacking eyes, Townsend felt they were staring at him. After a few minutes the cans went up into the "colorless" light into the rocket, and took off into the night, leaving behind three parallel lines of an oily substance.

Ririe Carjackers

- Ririe, Idaho, USA -- November 2, 1967 -

Will Begay and Guy Tossie were driving home after a night of drinking when their path was blocked by a flying saucer. This saucer was coated in orange and green lights, and topped by a clear dome, inside which sat two small beings with skin rough and scarred "like a cantaloupe." The dome opened and one of the beings floated down and entered the car, taking the driver's seat (Begay and Tossie sliding down trying to keep away). The invader proceeded to drive the car, or perhaps it was somehow being towed by the saucer, a short distance into a field and stopped.

Tossie took the opportunity to get out of the car and headed for the closest building for help, and was followed by a green light, while Begay remained in the car. The alien driver, meanwhile, started chattering incomprehensibly, sounding "like a woman or bird." Shortly afterward it returned with its companion into the saucer, which zig-zagged its way into the night sky, seemingly propelled by a yellow light similar to but not exactly like a flame.

Tossie found help in William and Bob Hammon, and they returned to the car to find only a terrified Begay. Eventually they reported the incident to the constable and deputy sheriff in, of all places, a bar.

That same night, local farmer Elaine Quinn reported seeing a zig-zagging light in the sky, while another local claimed to have been stopped by a saucer and that a small humanoid attempted to commandeer his own vehicle.

All based on actual reported "alien" cases.