Domsten Blobs

- Domsten, Sweden -- December 20, 1958 -

While on their way home after a dance, Hans Gustafsson and Stig Ryberg saw a bright light in the woods and decided to investigate. They found a glowing saucer surrounded by several gray blob-like beings, which suddenly attacked the two men. The aliens absorbed their punches (literally) and seemed able to predict their movements, but were driven away by the sound of a car horn.

The aliens and/or their craft had a terrible odor, like ether and burnt sausage.

Sudak Squamate

- Sudak, Ukraine -- 1995 -

When these monstrous lizard-like beings abducted a young man, they first blinded him by placing a mask in their own image over his face. They offered the man a chance to stay aboard their ship, claiming to have "no time and death", but he refused, and the lizards simply returned him home.

Pendeli Weirdness

- Penteli, Attica, Greece -- April 1977 -

Mr. and Mrs. "L.X." and a Miss "M.V." were out hiking Mt. Pendeli when they came across a curious sight: a pristine car parked where it couldn't have possibly driven to. Initially the trio left it where it was, assuming whoever put it there would eventually retrieve it, but upon subsequent hikes they noticed the car never left its spot. Curiosity getting the better of them, they climbed up to where the car was to inspect it, finding nothing unusual about the car itself but discovering strange tracks in the snow. The tracks were oval, and some were in nearly vertical surfaces where neither man nor beast could step.

At some point Miss M.V. had gone off on her own, and soon found herself face to face with "a white creature, a dreadful white creature." It was about 2 feet tall, oval, and lacked any features save a pair of large, luminous eyes. Naturally enough, Miss M.V. screamed in fright, which brought Mr. and Mrs. L.X. running to her side. While the couple didn't see the creature themselves, they noticed the bushes rustling and decided it was best to head home.

Several days passed, and Mr. and Mrs. L.X. were once again at Pendeli. Mr. L.X. was about to start [presumably his own] car when he began to scream and tremble without warning. When he finally recovered he told his wife he saw an unearthly spinning sphere, seemingly made of hair or black smoke, phasing through the car window and felt "something trying to enter his mind."

What relation (if any) the out-of-place car, the oval tracks, the egg-like creature, and seemingly psychic sphere had to each other is entirely unknown.

All based on actual reported "alien" cases.