Palos Verdes Brains

- Palos Verdes, California, USA -- August 17, 1971 -

While driving his friend home, John Hodges spotted a pair of what appeared to be brains on the road, and found the trip took two hours longer than it normally did. Later the brains abducted Mr. Hodges and warned him of humanity's misuse of weapons of mass destruction.

Georgia Stalks

- Georgia, USA -- July 1951 -

After crashing his Piper Cub into their UFO, Fred Reagan was abducted by alien beings that resembled "huge stalks of metallic asparagus." The beings apologized for the crash and supposedly cured Reagan of cancer before sending him back to Earth.

Unfortunately, Reagan died within a year due to brain tissue degeneration, apparently caused by extreme atomic radiation.

Torriglia Visitors

- Torriglia, Italy -- December 6, 1978 (First Encounter); December 3, 1979 (Depicted) -

These gigantic alien beings abducted private security guard Pier Fortunato Zanfretta no less than 6 times. Strange lights were seen during these encounters by several other people, frightening one individual so bad that he killed himself. The giants were interested in contacting the human race, despite Zanfretta's claims that they were "too ugly", and gave the guard a round object that would apparently let humans understand the aliens, instructing him to pass it on to a Dr. Josef Allen Hynek. Zanfretta instead hid the strange object.

The aliens claimed they came from the planet Teetonia in the "third galaxy," and kept strange creatures -including their frog-like enemies- in tanks.

Potosi Sheepslayer

- Potosi, Bolivia -- early 1968 -

This bubble-headed being was seen disembowling sheep with a strange hook instrument (which returned when thrown, like a boomerang). After a brief fight with the owner of the sheep, it flew away using a rucksack that had a pair of legs.

All based on actual reported "alien" cases.